Operation Baker: Should The Starter Now Get Surgery?

It’s over.

After the crazy scenarios that gave Cleveland Browns fans hope on Sunday, teams such as the Cincinnati Bengals and Denver Broncos killed any chances of the Browns making the playoffs. Frankly, allowing it to get to the point where it takes a reliance on other teams losing for your success is never good.

The Browns still have two more games to play.

A Monday Night Football matchup in Pittsburgh against the Steelers and then a final home game against the Bengals the following week. It’s crazy how quickly these games went from meaning so much to actually nothing. Some might argue that the Browns now losing both would be better for the team because of draft pick spots due to record.

Browns starting quarterback Baker Mayfield has had a difficult season. A lot of the reason was the shoulder injury he sustained. While Mayfield has returned and all indications are that he is going to finish the season; it’s all changed.

The plus, some would argue, is that Baker has two amazing games to finish out the season. It’ll help Browns fans and the organization feel a lot better about the quarterback heading into next season.

However, Mayfield could take another terrible hit and further injure his shoulder or another part of the body. All for nothing when the team could just let QB Case Keenum show what he’s got…

Say Baker gets this surgery and is shut down now. It gives him a few extra weeks to recover and allows him to start the process sooner rather than later.

No doubt, this was a disappointing Browns season. From all the close games that turned into losses, to COVID and injuries, it’s not one many fans are going to want to remember. Mayfield’s failures this year can be, in part, blamed on his shoulder injury and not simply himself.

If the Browns do decide to move forward with Mayfield for the coming season, it would be nice to see a completely healthy quarterback ready for a redemption year for the Browns.

Likely though, Baker is going to want to play in the final two games cause he’s a competitor and also wants to improve his stock for the upcoming offseason with great performances.

Speaking of the offseason…

This offseason is going to be so so interesting when it comes to Mayfield and the quarterback situation. With the losses ending playoff hope, well, it has begun. It’s now going to become a waiting game for us Browns fans. Sadly, we’re used to it and this offseason is no different.

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