It doesn’t feel like Opening Day at all. Of course, it’s not the same as the Cleveland Guardians’ HOME Opener which isn’t until April 7th against the Seattle Mariners as well. (Seven games into the season)

Tonight, the first game will not start until a 10:10 first pitch. Obviously, this is due to the time zones and Seattle is on the west coast. For them, the game starts at 7:10.

Look, be honest with yourself. Staying up past 10 is difficult. Yeah, maybe in your glory days, you could drink a couple of diet cokes and be cool for a late night.

Me, I remember fondly many Cleveland Sports memories that happened late in the evening.

This is the problem I have with this start time. I think of Little Zach…

AKA a kid that is just like me. A die-hard Cleveland Sports Fan. In grade school frankly I loved the team like no other, Jim Thome was a freakin’ GOD in my eyes. Oh, and Browns sucked every year.

Now, I’m a bit older and it’s different for me.

The other factor – it’s not even a weekend. Tomorrow is a school/work day as it will be a Friday. What parent is going to let their kid stay up all the way until 1 a.m. to watch baseball?

With school the next day? NO. WAY.

Why couldn’t the schedulers make it a four start time in Seattle? I say this simply for the first game that carries so much more meaning than all the rest. This way in Cleveland it’s a seven start time and everyone gets a true chance to see their team in action for the first game.

For all of you “old” people AKA like 18+, good luck staying up until one. It’s going to be quite a challenge.

For me?

Yeah, I’m taking that afternoon nap. Getting that needed rest before the first pitch tonight.

Even so, it’s going to take a lot of coffee and a lot of diet coke.

I have this fond memory of a January of 2009 Cavs @ Warriors game that went on until the morning hours. 4.7 ticks left in a 105-104 Warriors on-top game. LeBron gets the ball, takes a dribble shoots and wins the game. I remember screaming and waking up my parents. Ah, just thinking about listening to Joe Tait late at night on the radio in my room. Those memories will last forever.

This game tonight could have some memories and many fans will not be able to see them because of the scheduling. The rest of the season? Fine. I get it. Start at seven west coast and the late- night starts are OK.

But there’s just something special about Opening Day…



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