Hey, I’ve got an interesting idea for the Cavs, why don’t they try hitting their wide open shots? I think that would make it a lot easier to win.

In all seriousness, we saw the same issue in Game 1 against the Pacers. Though, at least LeBron played better in that one than he did yesterday. Just like in their series against the Pacers, some of the credit for their poor shooting deserves to be given to the Celtics defense. As we’ve all heard a million times, Brad Stevens is one hell of a coach. He flexed his coaching muscles with his game plan to switch everything against the Cavs offense and trust everyone’s individual defense. It definitely worked. The Cavs spent way too much time in the first half trying to exploit mismatches defensively with isolation drives, rather than simply run an offense, which contributed to their massive halftime deficit.

Still, the majority of the blame for their offensive struggles falls directly on the Cavs themselves. They shot 16/53 for 30.2% shooting on uncontested field goals. They didn’t hit their first three of the game until the third quarter. That’s outrageous. Boston played great, but you can’t give them credit for the Cavs missing wide-open shots.

Of course, how great Boston was playing is all Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy talked about though. Nobody on the broadcast seemed to notice how many uncontested shots the Cavs bricked off the back of the rim.

Thankfully for us, hitting these types of shots is an easy fix. They’ve shown all season they’re capable of doing it. This was a total feel out game for LeBron and the Cavs looked sluggish from their layoff. I have no doubts whatsoever that the Cavs will come out strong for Game 2.

Image: ESPN

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