One More Chance For Hue Jackson

Updated: November 24, 2017

We all know the stats, sadly.

The Browns are 1-25 under Coach Hue Jackson’s tenure since the ’16 season. Those numbers are shocking and frankly unfathomable for a NFL franchise and its fan base to endure. But what choice do we have? I’m not about to become a Steelers fan and wave that disgusting Terrible Towel around. Never.

Hue Jackson has one more chance in Cincinnati to get himself a win and keep his job. In my opinion, he should have been fired weeks ago, but Jimmy Haslam has been generous.

If the Browns lose just south of here, Jackson should be gone before Josh Gordon steps on the field. It’ll represent another new, yet necessary beginning, and Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams or whomever takes over should have the opportunity to work with the electric and now-sober wide receiver out of Baylor.

The problem is the Browns do not have the ability to play an entire 60 minutes of good football. They’ve shown flashes, they’ll led in games (even late in games), but have never been able to put it all together this year.

Not having an offensive coordinator is the thorn in Jackson’s side that he doesn’t seem to recognize. In addition to all the responsibility a head coach has, he feels like he has to call the plays. It’s not like he’s doing a good job at it either.

The Browns are 29th in total yards (3,007) and 28th in yards per game (300.7).

Every postgame, it’s the same interview. We still have work to do, we’re going to fix some things this week in practice – BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!

When something doesn’t work over a 26 game sample, it’s time to cut the cord and find someone else to run the show. The defensive is way better than the offense, so DC Gregg Williams in my choice to take over as the interim coach.

After the draft this past April, you’d think the Browns would win at least a couple of games. No one was expecting a playoff birth, but 4-5 wins was reasonable. It’ll take a miracle for that to happen now.

If the team somehow wins a road game over the Cincinnati Bengals still without Josh Gordon, Jackson will survive for the time being.

But we all know something has got to give.


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