With the Cleveland Indians receiving a one hit shut out by the Mariners on Sunday via the combination of  King Felix and Fernando Rodney, the Tribe went into Los Angeles to visit the Dodgers to start a three game series on the west coast. With the amazing lack luster of offense the Indians have provided its fans with as of late, lead us all to believe this is no playoff team and maybe they are officially a selling market for this up coming trade deadline. However that is a different topic that will be covered very soon. With the Tribe opening up the game at Dodger Stadium the Indians have come in with a highly depressing 1 hit in its last 12 innings going back the last two games and look no further because unfortunately they did not change anything as they were only capable of providing one hit in this outing as well.

Corey Kluber took the mound and was outstanding through 6.2 innings, allowing 6 hits, 1 earned run, 1 walk an628x471 (4)d 5 punch-out’s, needless to say Kluber put the Tribe in a winning position but only received 1 hit from his offense coming from Michael Bourn in the top half of the third inning. The Indians pitching staff as a whole has posted an outstanding 1.43 ERA in the last 5 games but unfortunately it has only led the Wahoo’s to two victories! This is the time to win and make a push closer to the top of the division, the starters and relief pitchers have given they’re heart and soul out there trying to improve Cleveland’s (39-43) record but with an atrocious effort from the offense that now has only 2 hits in its last 21 innings of game time, it is starting to look very bleak for our Indians.

This marks the first time in 100 seasons of baseball for the Indians to have been shut out and one hit in consecutive games and the third time an AL team has faced the same fate coming from the Tigers back in 1996 and the White Sox in 1917, The Indians have now joined in on this horrendous history mark.

Now who is to blame? Is it Ty Van Burkleo, the Tribes hitting coach or is it the players themselves? Either way Hitting coach Ty Van Burkleo watches Mike Aviles take his at bat.the Indians need some sort of adjustments to they’re hitting approach because they have looked nothing less than a little league team facing nothing but Cy Young award winners. How do we fix this problem? Is it as simple as firing Burkleo or maybe going out and buying into a big bat come the trade deadline. Unnecessary to say, but if nothing is done soon to this mediocre hitting performance by a professional squad, we as fans will not witness and be able to experience the bright lights of playoff baseball approaching this October.

-Cameron T. Lopez

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