One For The History Books

This season for the Browns has been pretty amazing and despite suffering some injures things are looking pretty grand for the rest of the season. Flashback 20 years to the Browns of the year 2000 and that was a different story. The total points scored by the 2000 Browns was 161 in 16 games. Fast forward 20 years and cut the games in half and the Browns have scored a total of 200.

Some can say that the Browns of 20 years ago were at a disadvantage, only coming back to the league just two seasons before and they were in a rebuilding era. This was not even the Browns’ worst season in the past 20 years. Even though it was one of the lowest-scoring seasons in the history of the National Football League, they still managed to win three games with one of those games being the famous “Battle of Ohio.”

The 2000 Browns were led by offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael and on defense by coordinator Romeo Crennel. Yes, that Romeo who was the lead skipper from 2005-2008 who during his coaching stint (if you can even call it that) took the Browns to a wonderful record of 24-40.

But back to the basis of this story.

The Browns in the year 2000 were coming into the league after having the team ripped out from under them. What can you expect, honestly? I’m sure there was some distrust in the players and the front office and things clearly were not managed well for that season.

But fast forward 20 years and what do you have?

A team that trusts it’s coaches and front office staff. You have amazing on the field relationships and without that pivotal 2000 season, I can honestly say that there would be no growth period throughout the decade and the decade to follow. Yes, we have been plagued by a few bad seasons, but ever since that horrible season, the Browns have been on the upswing. Yes, it has been slow, but Rome was not built in a day. Cleveland and the city have come so far in the past 20 years. No franchise has had to endure as much as the Browns have in the last two decades. Coaches and coordinators have been about as reliable as a Ford Pinto. But for now, it seems like we have it all figured out.

No more are we the laughing stock of the NFL, we gladly pass that title onto the Cowboys and the Eagles.


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