One Bad Round Doesn’t Decide An Entire Fight

Just ask Rocky.

On Monday night, I wrote an article about how the Browns were embarrassing in every facet of their 31-3 loss against the 49ers, except punting.

Most of us expected at least a close game, if not a Browns win. This coming off of an awesome effort against Baltimore.

Fans are freaking out and saying to fire head coach Freddie Kitchens, Baker Mayfield is Johnny Manziel 2.0, Antonio Callaway was stoned during the game (how else did he drop that pass?) and more. What I keep trying to implore to people is the following.

This is a process.

We’ve all seen the old picture of Bill Belichick and Nick Saban with their Browns gear on. We had both of them at the same time…and blew it. Let’s not do that again.

Now, it’s fine to be frustrated with a loss (without hitting the panic button). Everything takes time and it’s the same with this team. From the coach to the quarterback and the offensive line, too, work needs to be done. Facing off against the Seahawks and Patriots the next two games and this squad may be 2-5 (hate to say it) after Week 8.

The back-half of the schedule is much easier. Regardless, is this team ready to win a Super Bowl? Not even close. But were they ready at the beginning of the season? No, not then either.

Fans got excited about the acquisitions of WR Odell Beckham Jr. and more.

Here is the difference between this franchise now and in the past. The right people are in the right places, it is just going to take time for them to learn. Slight adjustments will have to be made, some acquisitions/draft picks as well, but the core is coming together nicely.

The 49ers looked much hungrier than the Browns. However, even the best teams have bad showings.

Freddie allowing someone else to call the plays will help him tremendously in becoming a better overall head coach. Adding a few pieces to our sub-par offensive line will give Baker more time to throw, making him a better quarterback. Wide receivers actually catching the ball will make a difference.

All of these flaws can be fixed.

And on Baker’s personality (a QB in his first full year as a starter, by the way):

No, I refuse to ask Baker to change who he is, but he will have to live and die with it. Losses like this fan the flames against him. The winning he’s already done is why he has all of the endorsement deals. Sure, he has a target on his back, but it’ll be up to him to fire back.

Talent really isn’t the issue now like in the past. Don’t just look at the 2019 season, but what lies ahead in the next decade if this team plays its cards right.

No need to go all-in.

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