One Ass, Two Ass, Red Ass, Blue Ass

Well, I’ve officially seen it all as a Cleveland sports fan.

Odell Beckham Jr. slapping a police officer in the butt, in the LSU locker room, causing a warrant for his arrest. That was shocking in it of itself. But as lovers of our Cleveland players, we absorbed the mistake, got over it and were ready to move on.

News actually recently broke that the officer isn’t pressing charges. Wow, what a hero……..

After that fiasco, I thought I was done with booty and Cleveland sports and could go back to looking at pretty girls’ butts in my spare time. Sorry, if that offended anyone…

On Friday night, I am watching just this absolutely enthralling Cavs game in Memphis, updating the game on the CLE Sports Talk Twitter. Cleveland power forward Tristan Thompson has something against former Cavalier Jae Crowder (who sucks) and is now on Memphis. Those two were jawing back and forth the entire game. Crowder even stepped over Thompson early in the contest and that didn’t sit well.

With just a few minutes left in the third quarter, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Thompson is at the foul line, Crowder walks up to him and TT slaps him in the behind while he makes his way beyond the three-point arc. It was more of a tap, yet contact was certainly made.

Anyway, the ref was not having any of this and ejected Tristan from the game by giving him a second technical foul. Oh, the irony. By the way, the Cavs lost the game, 113-109, and having TT for the duration could have helped the team potentially complete a comeback.

Now, we just need someone from the Cleveland Indians to do something butt-related and it’ll be all of the major sports teams. Wow, that sounded inappropriate.

It’s 2020.

I understand that we live in different times than say when my father or grandfather played sports and it was an appropriate gesture to give someone a little tap on the behind as a “thatta boy.” Nope, it is no longer appropriate to do that in all situations and some people may find that uncomfortable and a violation of personal space. The ref found it bad enough to give TT a tech, knowing he’d be ejected.

OBJ and TT both learned the hard way not to do the aforementioned gesture. It is just amazing that it happened to players for the same city, during the same week. Of course, it is Cleveland. It always is…

One learns from a young age this simple rule. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, touch a police officer. Ever. Thus, OBJ is way more at fault than Trisan even though I feel both of these incidents are stupid.

Let’s just keep our hands to ourselves moving forward and there shouldn’t be any other issues.

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