September 28, 2022

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that this game did NOT go how I expected it. On the flip side, as a football fan, I am ecstatic! This was hands down the best weekend for pro football in years. Every game has been nothing short of spectacular!

I’m going to skip the stats because it’s not even needed.

For the first time since 1994, the Browns win their first playoff game and they do it on the road no less. This was the third time the Browns and Steelers hooked up in the playoffs with the Steelers taking the first two. The last time the Steelers met the Browns in the wild card round the Steelers won 36-33 in a playoff classic. Tommy Maddox and Kelly Holcomb were the starting QBs.

This time, Baker Mayfield and Ben Roethlisberger were the starters. The consensus media all had the Steelers winning this game, but you had to take into account that this is a different Browns team. The Browns absolutely dominated this game from start to finish. The Steelers never had a chance.

This wasn’t a classic, but a statement for the Browns and head coach Kevin Stefanski. If Stefanski is not unanimously voted Coach of the Year something is wrong with the league voting criteria. Stefanski has definitely earned my vote and respect as the Browns head coach!

I am actually happy as a football fan.

This year, the Browns made football fun to watch and talk about again. The Browns have star power, play exciting football and will be a team to watch for years to come. The stigma of the orange pants also helped.

The Browns will travel next week to the very unfriendly confines of Arrowhead Stadium to play QB Patrick Mahomes and the number one seeded Kansas City Chiefs. To say they have their work cut out for them is an understatement, But that’s why they play the game. I’m not going to give a final prediction until later this week, but I will say that this is why they play the game. The Browns are doing something special.

Browns fans stand up! DAWG CHECK!



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