April 23, 2024

Ohio State Quarterback Conundrum


Above are three people. Cardale Jones, Braxton Miller, and J.T. Barrett from left-to-right. All of which have proven to be productive starters. And so, the question is asked:

Who does Ohio State start next season?

Well, this question can only be answered if one is assuming that the trio of quarterbacks all return. All three are eligible to play for Ohio State next season. However, sources are saying that may not be the case.

There appears to be three scenarios.

1. All three quarterbacks return to Ohio State. If this scenario would play out, the question posed above would be legitimate. According to sources, this scenario is not likely to play out. And it’s obvious why; These three players have become superstars in their own right. And having all three at the same position is nearly impossible. The only way this works, is if the three get together and decide to have a healthy competition in the spring. I have been hearing that if quarterback Braxton Miller leaves, it would be to transfer to either FSU or LSU to start for them next season, which he would be eligible to play. In that case, Ohio State would have to choose between two Quarterbacks.

2. Miller leaves, Barrett and Jones stay. To me, this would be the perfect situation if I’m Ohio State. You let Miller go, and have a great season somewhere else and he gets drafted to the NFL. Which leaves you with the 5th-in-Heisman voting, J.T. Barrett, alongside Alabama-beating quarterback, 12-Gauge, Cardale Jones. If this situation arises, I believe that Ohio State should return to Barrett again. He was a dynamite player before his ankle injury. And the great news being that, if Barrett were to get roughed up again, you have a more than competent starter in Jones. Unfortunately, it is possible for Jones to leave as well, as he could enter the NFL draft, or go to FCS for a year.

3. Miller and Cardale leave, Barrett stays. In this case, obviously J.T. Barrett becomes the starter. However, this is worst-case-scenario if you are an Ohio State fan. While you still have Barrett, you are only one bad hit away from going to an unproven commodity. I believe that the national championship game may weigh heavy on Jones and what he wants to do. Cardale has expressed his desire to play for Ohio State next season.

So now, back to my original question:

Who does Ohio State start next season?

If the trio returns, it would be extremely difficult not to go back to Braxton Miller. Over the year we may have forgotten just how dynamic he was, but all you need to do is go to YouTube to remember. While it would be hard to bench Braxton, I would still have to go with J.T. Barrett. He will only be a sophomore next season. And Ohio State is very much alive. J.T. has the potential to turn into the next great Ohio State quarterback, and I’m not ready to let go of it yet. Miller and Cardale both have said they want to play at Ohio State next season. If they actually return is a different story.

With all that being said, one thing remains true:

A national championship could change everything.


-Picture accredited to Getty Images.

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