Ohio State are National Champions! In the first ever College Football playoff, the Ohio State Buckeyes defeat the Oregon Ducks 42 to 20

Ezekiel Elliott had another monstrous performance, finishing the game with 246 yards on 36 carries. He also contributed 4 touchdowns.

The Ohio State defense held their own against Oregon’s explosive offense. Oregon went just 2 for 12 on third down and 0-2 on fourth, while Ohio State went 3-3 on fourth down.

Surprisingly, the Buckeyes had more total yards on offense, 538 to 442 from Oregon.

Ohio State now has a big question at QB for next season,( for more on this check out https://clesportstalk.com/ohio-state-quarterback-conundrum/)

A big part of the Buckeyes win was their ability to stay on the field. They controlled the Time-Of-Possession 37 minutes compared to  22 by Oregon.

The win did not come easy (see page 2 for a summary of the game). Ohio State turned the ball over 4 times, while Oregon had one interception on the last play of the game!

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