Offensive Coordinator Update: The Search Continues


After parting ways with Kyle Shanahan, ESPN is reporting that the offensive coordinator is set to take the same position for the Atlanta Falcons. Shanahan leaves behind a humongous question mark at the quarterback position as well as a 23rd ranked total offense in favor of the eighth ranked Falcons. He would inherit a roster that includes Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Roddy White. Now that the Shanahan era in Cleveland has finally come to rest, the search for his replacement continues.

The Browns have already interviewed candidates Chan Gailey and Marc Trestman. Today they  interviewed former St. Louis Rams head coach, Mike Martz. It is also reported that they plan on scheduling meetings with Anthony Lynn and Al Saunders. Lynn is currently the running backs coach and assistant head coach of the New York Jets. Unfortunately for him, he lacks experience as he has never called plays before at the NFL level.

On the other hand, Saunders has 41 years of coaching experience, 32 in the NFL. The passing game guru has been involved with 15 playoff teams, including five divisional titles, and a Super Bowl Championship. On 20 occasions, his offense ranked first in total offense, passing, rushing, or scoring. Saunders is the Oakland Raiders Senior Offensive Assistant and hasn’t been the primary play caller in three plus seasons. Cleveland is scheduled to meet with him this week.

Additionally, on the heels of a disappointing 28-22 overtime loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay offensive coordinator, Tom Clements, has sparked some interest from the Cleveland Browns. They have not formally asked permission from the Packers to meet with Clements, but it could happen sometime this week. Green Bay has denied Interviews with Clements in the past, but that was as the quarterbacks coach from 2006-2011.

However, the Pennsylvania native has been the offensive coordinator the past three seasons, generating interest from other teams. In fact, this past year, Green Bay finished first in points (30.4), sixth in yards (386.1), eighth in pass yards (266.3), and 11th in rushing yards per game (119.8). This high octane offense led by Aaron Rodgers would be tough to walk away from, but a chance to actually call the plays might sway Clements decision. In Green Bay, head coach, Mike McCarthy calls the shots on offense. In fact, Clements hasn’t called plays since his time as the coordinator of the Buffalo Bills (2004-2005).

He would come to Cleveland with the difficult task of solidifying our quarterback position and our offense, something he is used to. In 2007, Clements coached Brett Favre to the NFC title game and one of his best seasons statistically. He is also credited with assisting in the development of Aaron Rodgers, the only player to pass for over 4,000 yards in his first two seasons. In addition, Rodgers earned a Super Bowl MVP award and a ring in just his third year as a starting quarterback. These accomplishments make Tom Clements a highly coveted asset.

Regardless of who the Browns hire as the offensive coordinator, they will have their work cut out for them, as they will be the sixth coordinator is as many years. Fans just hope that Cleveland gets it right this time.

-Max Gold

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