Odell “Sentenced to Death” by Being a Brown

Is it possible to not be a narcissist while playing a professional sport?

What if a player said…“Oh, this defender is so much better than me! I have no chance of getting past him and catching any balls this game.”

That just sounds…weird.

Now, depending on the player/athlete is how vocal one may be about his/her skills. Maybe he/she will show a bit of humility for the press? Maybe…

In Rocky, even after Rocky Balboa had knocked down Apollo Creed (the champion) and gone the distance, he says, “That guy’s great” to his trainer after a round in Rocky II. Case in point – The Italian Stallion didn’t say, “I knocked down the champ before, so I’m the man now!!”

Everyone is different.


Shifting back to football, the Browns traded to the Giants a 1st and 3rd round pick as well as young safety Jabrill Peppers to New York. Keep in mind, if all goes well, these picks are not going to be top of the round but towards to back.

Here were Odell’s thoughts on the deal: “This wasn’t no business move,” he told SI. “This was personal. They thought they’d send me here to die.”

Sports Illustrated

Speaking of narcissism, I do not think a front office would have such spite towards a player that they would trade him to another team to hurt him instead of taking a better offer from a perceived better situation in order to improve their own team.

Also, the Browns were on the up-and-up before Odell was traded here. Remember that guy named Baker? Not the same 0-16 Browns, regardless…

Moreover, with the kind of money Odell is making, it’s not like his living situation would be terrible in Cleveland. For the other half of the year, he can go back to the big city of his choice.

As Baker Mayfield has said, Cleveland will love you so much if you play well. Take Lebron James, Frankie Lindor, Bernie Kosar – the list goes on. It’s a connection that I believe players enjoy, even if they aren’t thrilled to be here at first.

IF the Giants had a better offer on the table, ignored it to send Odell to Cleveland just to make his life miserable (in their eyes), it would potentially be the dumbest thing ever done in NFL History.

Getting traded hurts, I would assume. It’s kind of like being dumped for us average people.

To lash out and try and justify it, I think, is normal. But Odell can show the Giants why they made a mistake by proving it on the field in the coming years with the Browns. Wreck the league, as they say.

This team has an ample opportunity to bring to this city what we, as fans, have desired for so many years.

Do that and Odell, Cleveland will love you for life.

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