December 6, 2023

If you would’ve told me that against the Ravens, Odell Beckham Jr. would have two catches for 20 yards and no touchdowns. Well, I would’ve panicked and probably swore a lot thinking the Browns got blown out.

Did he get hurt? Did Baker get hurt? The questions wouldn’t have stopped., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

For the Browns to put up 40 points and win 40-25 over a solid Ravens team, on the road, with the star receiver putting up minimal production is extremely impressive.

We all know Odell draws attention on and off the field. For this article, we will stick to the field.

In the Ravens game, Baker still threw for 342 yards, Jarvis Landry had 167 of those and Ricky Seals-Jones had 82 and a TD. It also helped that Nick Chubb rushed for 165 yards and three touchdowns.

Now, I am not saying this type of stat line is possible each week, but it does bring up an interesting idea.

Forcing the ball to Odell just because he’s Odell is not necessary.

Baker is such a good quarterback that he can put the ball in places where other receivers, like Landry and Seals-Jones, can make plays. However, other teams HAVE to double or at least put a serious watch on OBJ regardless of the circumstance or else he’ll be dancing in the end zone.

Plus, OBJ has a way of getting in the opponents’ heads (as seen above). Beckham was literally choked out due to frustration from the opponent. That all helps the Browns (should have been ejections, too!)

Having such a talented and explosive receiver that can turn anything to a touchdown is such a gift. However, his stats are not all; it’s his presence. The fact that he is on the field makes everything better for the Browns.

We saw that Sunday in the win over Baltimore.

Baker continuing to spread the ball is a recipe for success as the season continues. It was done to perfection on Sunday and once WR Antonio Callaway (2018 – 43 Rec, 586 yds, 7 TD) comes back Monday Night in San Fransisco. It’ll give Mayfield even one more option to spread the wealth and help this team.

Hopefully, OBJ will be cool with sharing. Because honestly, winning feels GOOD!

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