Odds of Free Agent Rumors Linked to the Browns Actually Happening


There has been a lot of rumors surrounding the Browns in free agency due heavily to their large amount of cap space. The Browns have been major players in the market so far and seem like they will continue to make a splash throughout the next week or so, but which players linked to the Browns are most likely to land in Cleveland?

Andrew Hawkins

Hawkins signed an offer sheet with the Browns and was prepared to bolt on Cincy. First reports indicated that there was no way that the Bengals would match the Browns offer and the speedy wide receiver would be on the next flight to the Dawg Pound. The initial reports were retracted and now it seems very likely the Bengals will match the Browns offer and retain the rights to Andrew Hawkins. Bummer he would have been fun to watch with Josh Gordon.

5% chance he removes the stripes from his helmet

Darrelle Revis

The Browns were making headlines in the early stages of free agency, they signed Donte Whitner, Karlos Dansby and were said to be one of two serious contenders to trade for Darrelle Revis. The Revis to Cleveland rumor has lost a ton of steam today. The Bucs were not able to get Revis to restructure his deal and Revis’ price tag was just too rich for the Browns in the end. The Browns will have a chance to make a run at Revis in free agency (he was cut at four o’clock today), but it seems much more likely Revis heads to a contender like the New England Patriots. If Revis opts to play for the money instead of the ring however, the Browns may still have a fighting chance to land the lock down corner.

20% chance the Browns purchase Revis Island

Julian Edelman

The former Kent State QB turned slot man would be a huge get for the Browns. Julian Edelman is probably the top slot man on the market after having a career year being Tom Brady’s go to option. As much as this may seem like a match made in heaven for the Browns, I do not see them being able to pry Edelman away from the Patriots. The Patriots lost Wes Welker last year, so losing Tom Brady’s favorite target two years in a row seems a bit unlikely. Now that Talib has signed with Denver the Patriots will turn the majority of their attention to locking down Edelman and keeping Brady happy.

15% chance Edelman pulls a Welker this year

Ben Tate

Ben Tate has been on the Browns radar even before the 2013 season even came to a close. Ben Tate has and will remain the Browns primary target, and for good reason. The Browns running game was anemic last season and Ben Tate would immediately turn that around. Tate is a hard nose runner who has been productive in his limited time as a starter. At only 25 Tate’s best football is ahead of him and he will demand to be paid as such, which the Browns will likely have no problem doing. If Tate is in fact in town tonight I do not see any way he leaves without a very lucrative contract offer. No team will be able to match the Browns offer in terms of dollars to the talented running back, and Tate is all about the money at this point of his career.

75% chance Tate starts looking for Real Estate in North East Ohio

Matt Suhadolnik

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