OBJ’s Absence From OTA’s – Does it Matter?


There are things in life we all have to do that we don’t like doing. It’s actually a big part of living, unfortunately. Some have it easier than others, but it isn’t all fun and frolic for everyone all the time.

A big topic that Browns fans like to chirp about is new WR Odell Beckham Jr.’s absence from OTA’s. These are voluntary practice sessions that are not required for any player on any team to attend but are obviously recommended.

I saw this quote by our new head coach and it really struck me:

” HC Freddie Kitchens says Odell Beckham Jr. has missed ‘a lot’ by skipping all but one OTA. Specifically ‘the offense.’ What would he like to see out of him next week? ‘I just want to see him'”

The Browns’ star wideout has attended only one of the nine OTAs and also skipped the voluntary three-day extra minicamp. Let’s be clear in stating that this isn’t a guy playing for the same team for the 12th year in a row or something like that…

New team, new head coach and coaching staff, new quarterback, new offense. But, let me go over the “I know’s” first.

I know Odell is working out on his own in Los Angeles and not sitting on a couch eating chips and watching the NBA Playoffs.

I know Odell is one of the best receivers in the league.

I know Odell will be ready for Week 1 against Tennessee.

What I don’t understand is the “why?” You get paid millions of dollars to play football, the least you can do is show up to practice, learn the new offense, catch a few balls from our quarterbacks and make the head coach and rest of the organization happy.

I think most Browns fans are more annoyed than nervous. It’s giving the media, which I guess includes me, something to harp about, tweet about, point out, already putting you in the dog house before your first season even starts.

Frankly, if I was Odell, I’d suck it up and show up. Make the team and the city happy, avoid the drama and the questions and start everything off on the right note.

A lot of Browns fans like to sit on their high horse and say “Oh, who cares?” Congratulations on being more chill than me. I care. I’d like to see the players attend practice.

When Odell shines in the first few weeks of the season, this will all be long forgotten. However, if something happens…

A route that’s run the wrong way…

A few missed opportunities to make plays…

A miscommunication here or there…

You, Odell, are just inviting people to criticize you for something that isn’t that difficult.

Showing up.

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