March 4, 2024

OBJ to The Rams And What it Means For His Fantasy Value


Yes, the Rams added another star to their already star-studded team. The news that took the NFL by storm Thursday, Odell Beckham Jr. is now a Ram…

But I am much less interested in the headline and more interested in what this means for OBJ’s fantasy value.

If you are a team who has sat on OBJ throughout his free agency period or thinking about making a deal for him, now is as good as time as ever to do it.

What is OBJ Worth?
If you are a team who can afford to spend some capital on OBJ, by all means, I say go for it. However, is important to know how much you are willing to give to get him. Whether you love him or hate him, this guy is still a young receiver with some talent on an offense with a potential MVP at QB. However, OBJ is heading into a crowded receiver room where he is likely to be the 3rd option; at least it will be that way to start. Make sure to weigh expectations and understand that this is not going to be the same fantasy stud we saw with the Giants. He is going to a completely new system with a new QB already halfway through the season. Think about it like this, when was the last time a receiver has left his team or joined a team midseason and finished as a top-10 receiver week after week? I think that the ceiling for OBJ will be a flex play depending on his matchups. He will get looks, but not high-volume looks.

Do I Trade OBJ?
Listen if someone comes knocking on your door giving you a WR1 or WR2 then you take the money and run. Likely, that is not going to happen. However, if you can find a player that can be an instant impact on your team, I say go for it. However, you cannot wait to pull the trigger on a deal. Owners are imagining what OBJ will be like in this offense and are terrified of missing out on his value, so oversell them, but not too much. Guys like Tyler Lockett who has Russell Wilson coming back, or Jerry Jeudy who is starting to look healthy again, are just a couple of trades that I would go for if I had Odell. Beware of matchup-based players, this is where I would hang onto Odell. It is not worth going after a player who is going to be sitting at the end of your bench most of the year, and you will be kicking yourself if OBJ turns into an everyday flex starter.

What Does OBJ Look Like in This Offense?

In short, OBJ is going to be a boom or bust type receiver. Cooper Kupp is currently leading not only his team in targets but the entire NFL in targets at 103. Cooper Kupp also leads the league in yards and receptions. On the other side, Robert Woods is tied for 17th in targets with Mark Andrews, Chris Godwin, and Diontae Johnson. It will take a while for Stafford to rely on OBJ like he has Woods and Kupp, and I do not believe it will happen in half of a season. A lot of the tension with OBJ and the Browns was that Baker was ‘missing’ OBJ on deep balls. While many fans may disagree, I think this narrative will cause the Rams to look at OBJ downfield, which could call for some big games. As for the owners of Woods and Kupp, I am not panicking about this pickup; this may even open up Kupp even more.

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