OBJ on Browns’ exit: A lot of things were out of my control

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“A lot of things were out of my control. By the time I woke up, the video was already posted. It was just unfortunate.”


In November, the Cleveland Browns released Odell Beckham Jr after suffering a 15-10 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 8. In this game, Odell Beckham recorded a career-low one catch for 6 yards on just one target.

The release was not due to the stat line of that specific game but due primarily to an Instagram post by Odell Beckham Sr.

Beckham was released on his 29th birthday and later signed with the Los Angeles Rams as a free agent.

From the time he arrived in LA until this week, Beckham has not said much about what transpired in Cleveland that led to his abrupt exit. In his last media obligation before the Super Bowl, Odell Beckham Jr spoke about his exit from the Cleveland Browns in detail for the first time as a member of the Rams.

“Just having to leave, leave these guys that are your brothers, you have lifetime friendships with, and it just happened so abruptly.” ODELL BECKHAM JR.

Beckham said that he didn’t get the closure he needed and that everything happened so fast, and he regrets the way things played out.

“One thing I’ve always been big on in my life is closure. Because I feel like if doors are not closed, they’re always still open. One of the biggest regrets that I have about the way things ended is I just didn’t get-it’s like having a breakup, but there really was no closure, and it’s kind of just like you go, that’s just it.” ODELL BECKHAM JR.

Things didn’t work out between the Browns and Odell like many hoped. But that hasn’t stopped his former teammates from cheering him on as his new team tries to capture a Super Bowl title Sunday against the Bengals.

We’ve seen the social media post from current Browns players wishing him well. We’ve seen the zoom video from Jarvis Landry during Super Bowl media. As of late on 92.3 The Fan Cleveland’s local sports talk radio station, we’ve even heard from Greg Newsome and Anthony Walker speaking highly of their former teammate.

Odell was well-liked and respected in the Browns locker room regardless of how some media members wanted to spin it.

Some believe that Odell purposely had his father post that video to his social media account. We don’t know that to be fact, and that’s something we may not ever know.

We do know that, for whatever reason, things didn’t go as planned. Baker Mayfield and Odell didn’t mesh well on the field, which led to frustration from everyone within the organization to those who closely follow the Browns.

Since arriving in LA with the Rams, Beckham has silenced those who thought he was washed.

In 11 games with the Rams, Odell has six touchdowns and most recently a 100-yard game (113 vs. the 49ers in the NCF Championship). The six touchdowns are just two less than the eight he caught in his entire tenure in Cleveland and the 100-yard receiving game is his first since 2019.

He also fits in well as the number two wide receiver to Cooper Kupp and Mathew Stafford has found ways to get the ball in his hands so that he can make plays and score.

Now he’s one game away from winning the Super Bowl, just not with the Browns, something that seemed very likely just last August.

AS SEEN ON LandMade Ent

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