December 6, 2023

I heard the news and it honestly scared me.

Do you ever have things that scare you but shouldn’t? Something you heard that makes you cringe and yet you should be absolutely 100% fine?, pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Well, the Baltimore Ravens signed wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to a one-year contract worth up to a whopping 18 million dollars. OBJ really has to stay healthy for it to be worth the contract in Baltimore.

Let me just say – that is an insane amount of money to give this guy, but that’s on the Ravens and not the Browns, so we’re cool in that regard.

Since the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens are in the same division, they will play each other twice in the regular season. Once in Cleveland and once in Baltimore.

With Lamar Jackson refusing to play for Baltimore currently, it really makes the Ravens a lowly team and not something that the Browns should be afraid of moving forward.

Yet, I think about countless signature catches by OBJ over the years. I remember how the Browns have a tendency to blow it against even the worst of them.

Why do I feel like when the Browns play the Ravens, even if frekin’ Tim Couch was starting for Baltimore, it’s going to be OBJ making that catch on a long bomb to take the lead and ultimately win the game against the Browns.

This Baltimore victory will in some way help de-rail the Browns’ playoff chances and will be a middle finger from OBJ to an organization he played for from 2019-2021.

Now, it’s not that I think the Ravens are going to finish ahead of the Browns in the AFC North. Absolutely not. It’s just that OBJ and company are simply going to play spoiler in a late-season game.

Now, if I’m Lamar Jackson, I see this signing and I reassess my options. That such a talented receiver signs with the Ravens is something that could help get me back to Baltimore. That’s a wait-and-see…

OBJ, we’ll see you when the Ravens play the Browns. Please don’t make any amazing catches that ruin our season because that would really sting as Browns fans.

The good news for the Browns in this move made by the Ravens?

It’s only two games out of the 17 for the season. It’s very unlikely the Ravens and Browns will square off in a playoff matchup of any type.

That’s for sure.

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