OBJ is Becoming ‘That Hot Girlfriend’

Five games.

Literally, it has only been five games into this new era of Browns Football and people are already going crazy. Honestly, I am a tinge frazzled myself.

It’s the fact that we are not even to the bye week yet and rumors of trading Odell Beckham Jr. are spreading across Cleveland like wildfire. With the way this team has performed, it’s to be expected, frankly.

OBJ has always been a character, even when he was with the Giants. These types of players are great to have when things are going well and horrible to have when it’s ugly.

It’s been a pretty disappointing start.

Not only that, but the Seahawks and Patriots stare the Browns in the face the next two weeks. Thus, making it possible for the team to start the season a ghastly 2-5. We shall see about that…

Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr. aren’t on the same page yet.

The aforementioned trade rumors are already swirling, even if they are false.

OBJ says he wants the ball more.

But honestly, the pressure of having such a flamboyant and outward character as the star player on the team, plus an equal in Baker. Well, it’s tremendous.

Having a hot girlfriend has its obvious perks.

However, is it fun to go everywhere and see each guy looking at her with such admiration, talking about her to your other buddies, etc.? The trophy wife would make me nervous, even if she was committed, just because of her beauty.

That is what we have here with Odell Beckham Jr. and it is magnified because of the struggles the Browns have had to start the season. I fear for the attention of OBJ to take over the organization and manifest in the locker room.

…Because that’s never happened in sports before. (I kid, I kid.)

Honestly, it hasn’t been too bad yet. However, if this team does lose the next two games (to Super Bowl contenders), I expect things to get tense. It’ll start with the media, work to the fans and creep into the organization itself.

I asked CST fans who they’d give up in an OBJ trade…

Most just got pissed at even the notion, but the fact that it is a notion (that I didn’t start) is what’s the scary part. Also, there’s nothing wrong with listening to offers, especially for offensive linemen…

I was so excited when we got OBJ and now it’s turning into this feeling of as if he’s a chore. That the ball must go to him a certain amount of times…or else he’s going to have a hissy fit!

How about we win some games and it doesn’t matter who catches what? That showing in San Fransisco was an embarrassment to this city and these fans have embraced this team (like every year), but even more so this year.

The culture must change, as we all deserve better.

From guys like OBJ and Baker on down, it’s got to get fixed. If not, chaos will ensue and it will not end well for this franchise.

Figure it out and get ready for Seattle. If not, that hot girlfriend may end up causing more problems than providing pleasure.

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