Number 23: Watson’s New Accuser Details

As if it could get worse for Browns fans with the quarterback Deshaun Watson situation. Well, I did say in a recent article of mine that the HBO broadcast with two of the accusers would be really bad for Watson. However, I meant that in regards to the suspension the NFL was going to give him this season. Not what just happened.

You can read that article HERE

A new accuser, number 23 in total, has come forward against Watson.

Some details via USA Today:

“In that piece, plaintiff was struck by the courage of the victims willing to step forward and speak and was extremely displeased by Watson and his legal team’s mistreatment and revictimizations of the plaintiffs,” the new lawsuit states. “But it was Watson himself claiming that even now he has ‘no regrets’ and has done nothing wrong that solidified her resolve. She brings this case seeking minimum compensation, but to obtain a court finding that Watson’s conduct was wrong.”

The fact that this woman is seeking minimum compensation and just wants a court to find Watson wrong is eye-opening. Obviously, the first thing a lot of Browns fans would say when hearing about the lawsuit is that it’s a “money grab” and that woman wants cash and sees the opportunity to get rich. With the way it appears, that is not the case.

Does this change anything about in regards to the NFL’s punishment?

Well, some might say, “What’s 22 compared to 23?” 

This adds reinforcement to the situation. Almost a reminder to the NFL about Watson’s alleged wrongdoings and it will make them pick up the pace with a punishment. After all, it’s unfair to the Browns and betters to leave this without a final word.

Watson recently took members of the Browns to the Bahamas on a paid vacation for all. He seemed pretty content with everything going on with this trip and such. It actually appeared everything was on the up and up for Watson and the squad moving closer to the start of the season.

There is no way to actually know what the suspension length is going to be for Watson until the NFL actually gives it. We all can speculate and analyze the details of the situation all we want. Trust me, we have…

Another reminder is that Baker Mayfield is still on the Browns roster and there is some speculation that the team could have him play if Watson does get suspended for a length of time. That would certainly be interesting to see how the team handles everything once news does come out.

It never ends…does it? The waiting game continues with twists and Twitter turns.


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