April 15, 2024

Update: Day After My Article and We Have An Answer Regarding Deshaun Watson


Only just one day after writing about some possible scenarios for Browns QB Deshaun Watson, we finally have an answer! Deshaun Watson will officially be suspended for only six regular season games. While this may sound disappointing, Browns fans, like myself, are happy since there were many rumors that have been going around the past 100 days that Watson was possibly going to be suspended for a season.

Former Federal Judge Sue Robinson has confirmed that six regular season games would be the best punishment for Watson. Even though Robinson found no evidence of sexual assault, she found evidence of Watson disrupting the NFL’s code of conduct policy which is considered a punishment. With Robinson’s decision being the final say, the NFL can still appeal this suspension. The NFL’s Player’s Association has told the NFL that it is suggested to not appeal and to roll with the punches.

With this decision, Deshaun Watson will still be permitted to participate in the rest of training camp and the pre-season. Browns general manager Andrew Berry has stated multiple times that Watson is, “the first guy to enter to facility and the last guy to leave the facility.”¬†This goes to show that Watson is in shape and working hard to make the Cleveland Browns the most successful as possible. Being out of football for the 2021 season, due to sitting out, is good that Watson will still be able to participate in the pre-season games since we will be able to see what he can do.

Even though the NFL now has two days to appeal this suspension, at least now we can rest for a bit since we have our answer. If the NFL does decide to appeal for some reason, I think eight games would be the absolute limit. Either way, Watson is playing this season and he will help lead the Browns to many successful seasons. This answer finally clears up the many questions I have had this off-season. Now that it is said and done, let’s bring on some football. Let’s Go Browns!!!

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