Well, the Cavs are officially without Donovan Mitchell for the second game in a row with this lingering calf strain. The team trails the Boston Celtics 3-1 in the series and this Game Five battle takes place in Boston.

Thus, things are looking very bleak for Cleveland.

Of course, not many were giving the Wine and Gold a chance to begin with until the squad blew out the Celtics in the first game by a score of 120-95 and gained momentum. Unfortunately, Boston took the following three games and here we are looking at a bleak Game Five.

Yes, not having a star player two games in a row certainly makes an impact. However, if we are honest with ourselves, the Cavs never really had a chance in this one. A lot of people feel that Game Three was Mitchell’s last game as a member of the Cavaliers with these injuries here having him sit out the series.

Ultimately, we will never know how the series would’ve played out because of this injury and also the subsequent bruised rib one to PF Jarrett Allen too. Sadly, it’s not like the Cavs were even close to the favorites to begin with…

I just hesitate to pretend like this Cleveland team was going to win even with their stars healthy and active for the entire series. After all, Mitchell was out for the first two games and the Cavs still trailed 2-1.

Unlike back in 2016 when the Cavs actually did comeback against the Golden State Warriors in the finals down 3-1, this team’s star is out. Definitely don’t think that team is winning anything if LeBron James or Kyrie Irving had to sit out and his that amazing series comeback.

My only question would be if Mitchell has any more of a desire to stay in Cleveland as a member of the Cavs for the coming years because of the ultimate disappointment this year. Suppose he will reference his injuries as a reason to stay in Cleveland compared to say when the Cavs lost to the New York Knicks in the first-round playoffs last season, 4-1. That was just awful…

I mean yeah miracles have happened before. And yes, Fans will always reference the injuries as a key to the series loss (pending a miracle). Just remember which team was the massive favorite to begin with here. I believe Mitchell himself won’t forget it either unfortunately when making an upcoming contract decision moving forward this offseason.

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