The journey from when the Cleveland Browns drafted quarterback Baker Mayfield in 2018 as the first pick out of Oklahoma has been up and down…and then down some more.

Yes, one always has to point out that Mayfield did lead the Browns to the playoffs with an 11-5 record in the 2010 season and even a win over the hated Pittsburgh Steelers, 48-37, in the wild-card round.

He struggled tremendously on the Carolina Panthers at the beginning of the season before ultimately being released. That is when the Los Angeles Rams picked him up.

Mayfield led those very Rams to a comeback against the Las Vegas Raiders with the team down 16-3 on Thursday Night Football.  They ended up winning the game by a score of 17-16.


Mayfield has finally figured out how to play the quarterback position and of course, it’s not on the Cleveland Browns.

Yes, the Browns have a fantastic quarterback now in DeShaun Watson, but it still makes me roll my eyes seeing Mayfield thrive in this game. He went 22/35 for 230 yards and a touchdown.

Let’s see if Baker continues this play with the Rams or if this was simply a lucky outing against a 5-7 (now 5-8) Raiders team. Next week, they’ll be against the 5-8 Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on Monday Night Football.

Personally, I’ll always appreciate the playoff run Baker led the Browns back in 2010. However, it wasn’t a happy ending as is the truth with every quarterback the Browns drafted since coming back.

Congratulations, Baker, on getting a victory. It pains me to say that it was an amazing comeback win for them.

Lastly, what I find most interesting about the win for the Rams is how in the world was Baker able to learn a playbook in such little time and have such success. I think there might be something more to this that we don’t know. Like he knew he was going to end up changing teams this week.

What’s most important is our Cleveland Browns take on the 8-4 Cincinnati Bengals on the road this coming Sunday. If the Browns have any chance of making the playoffs, this is a game the team would need to win.

It’ll certainly be an exciting matchup to truly prove where Cleveland stands moving forward or if this Watson showcase is more of a preface for a playoff run next year here in Cleveland.

Maybe, the Browns will even play Baker Mayfield in the Superbowl one year…


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