Not Sure Anyone Cares; Cavs Still Disgraced Cleveland

The Cavs hosted the Warriors on Saturday night and it’s been a tough year for both teams.

For Golden State, SG Klay Thompson tore his ACL and PG Steph Curry broke his hand at the beginning of the season and now they are one of the worst teams under head coach Steve Kerr instead of one of the best that we became so familiar with in recent years. For Cleveland, the team lost a man that wears number 23 (again) and hasn’t really been able to recover from that in these past few seasons even with new head coach John Beilein.

The score is 50-50 right around halftime and I was thinking to myself just how exciting this would be in years past when both of these squads were competitors and not battling for the number one pick. The Cavs are at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse and it’s really a game they should win because of how bad the Warriors are now.

Well, after Golden State outscored the team 44-19 in the third quarter, it ended up being a 131-112 final. The 10th-straight home loss for Wine & Gold this season. Here was a tweet of mine:

It’s amazing how fast two teams can go from an event that is absolutely top-dollar and also the highest of stakes, to an absolute shit-show between two bottom-feeding piece-of-garbage teams. At least the Warriors have the excuse of injuries whereas the Cavs just haven’t figured out how to play without LeBron James or Kyrie Irving…still.

Thinking back to plays like “The Block” and “The Shot” in that glorious 2016 NBA Finals come back and it feels like a different universe here in 2020. The players are obviously uninspired by Beilein and he appears better-suited in the collegiate sphere compared to here in the NBA.

Well, after the loss, the Cavs are now 13-37. It’s been a disappointing season and it’s not like people expected Cleveland to contend. However, allowing the Warriors to set franchise records on our floor is disgraceful.


Looking ahead, this season can’t end soon enough. It’s the first in Beilein’s five-year contract, so it’s not exactly like the Cavs could cut ties with him at the current moment. He is going to have to find a way to reach these players if this team wants to find any amount of success.

Did I take reaching the NBA Finals each and every year for granted? I’d like to think not. Yet with the misery of the last couple seasons, don’t we all wish our team was back to contending for a title? Certainly, the Warriors supporters feel the same way.

Miss you.

My advice?

Enjoy the Super Bowl, crack open a few beers and forget about the Cavs…and the Browns…and honestly…how the Indians who won’t spend any money either.

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