Not a Question: ‘The Block’ Best Play of Decade

Let’s set the scene.

It’s Game 7 and the Cavs are trying to come back from down 3-1 against the Warriors. With the score tied at 89 and just under two minutes to go, the Cavs turn the ball over and Golden State is on a fast-break. It sure looks like the home team is going to get an easy two and take the lead.

First, thanks to JR Smith for altering the body movement of Andre Iguodala. Without his hustle, “The Block” never happens. Iggy goes up for the layup after a pass from Steph Curry and LeBron James hustles all the way down the floor, leaps up in the air and pins the ball against the glass. It was so close, but he got it!

Kyrie Irving would then hit the shot and the rest is history.

My Cleveland bias aside, the reason why I have this as my number one play of the decade is because of the following:

Well, the actual play itself was amazing. The hustle down the floor, jumping up, full-extension and pinning the ball on the glass was incredible. Even in a regular game, it would have drawn gasps from the crowd, let alone in a Game 7. Had another split-second gone by, there would have been a goaltend and two HUGE points for the Warriors.

Next, this past Friday, the City of Cleveland just celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Browns winning the football championship against the Colts, 27-0. That was in 1964; the last title this city won until 2016.

53 years.

Without The Block, the “drought clock” could still be ticking today.

Now, no one knows how those final moments would have gone had that play not happened. The Cavs still could have won the NBA Finals with Kyrie’s three and another big shot here or there. However, in my estimation, I believe that the championship goes to the Warriors if that basket goes in. They have all the momentum on their home floor and it just fits.

Thank you, LeBron, for that magical moment.


Watch the incredible play by clicking HERE


Hon. Mentions:

Butler’s Super Bowl pick.

Rajai Davis’ WS home run (this is #1 if the Indians would’ve won)

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