NO WORDS – Baker Mayfield Just Needed to Say This:

The Browns won on Sunday and it was an ugly performance. Want to read more about the win? CLICK HERE

Anyway, the postgame news is that Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield actually left without talking to the media. This is the first time in his career that he has not spoken to reporters after the game. It’s pretty much standard procedure to talk to them, especially if you’re someone as notable as Mayfield is for the Browns.

Now, the man did throw two interceptions which is the reason why the fans send out a chorus of boos in the first place. It wasn’t just random hate. It was due to complete and utter sucking by the quarterback.

However, this could have actually been a smart move by Baker. If he felt that he could not possibly say anything to the media that wouldn’t have caused a stir, then leaving without talking is probably for the best. We are not inside his head and there is no way of knowing what would have happened.

What Baker would’ve been best off doing is sitting in front of the media, taking their questions and giving simple answers to make everyone happy. Such as…

“Yeah, I didn’t play my best, I’d like to improve for next week.”

“I was disappointed the fans boo’d and would like for that to not happen again.”

“We will see if I am able to play next week. I have to see what the medical staff says.” 

There you go. Walk off and go home with no controversy. Then, this isn’t even a story and people like myself aren’t writing about it.

Yeah, the Browns did win the game against the Detroit Lions. Even so, with the way the team played all together, Baker’s actions with leaving and not talking to the media, it simply doesn’t feel so great.


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