April 20, 2024

No Rest for the Wicked, Conspiracy Theorists, or Andrew Berry


In the last seven days, the Cleveland Browns have quietly made moves to get better. But you wouldn’t know that if you follow the team fans on social media or listen to local sports talk radio. You would think that the team didn’t make the playoffs last year or didn’t win 11 games while starting five different quarterbacks. While the front office either added players or resigned players, overly negative fans made sure their voices were heard on the internet.

Last Saturday the Browns traded two day three draft picks for a first-round talent in WR Jerry Jeudy. That was just the beginning of the offseason frenzy of the Cleveland Browns. Yes, the Browns lost LB Anthony Walker, LB Sione Taki Taki and DT Jordan Elliott. However, the Browns added DT Quinton Jefferson, LB Jordan Akins, LB Devin Bush, TE Giovanni Ricci, OT Hakeem Adeniji, and RB Nyheim Hines. DE Za ’Darius Smith, DT Shelby Harris, DT Maurice Hurst, P Corey Bojorquez, and G Michael Dunn were players that were resigned as well. The Browns not resting over the weekend also resigned veteran safety Rodney Mcleod. While the team improves in the offseason, there are certain fans who want to focus on either a completely irrelevant topic or conspiracy theory.

It started with former Browns receiver Jarvis Landry lamenting his release from the team two years ago. Anyone can understand hurt feelings from being cut. But the NFL is a bottom-line business and Landry’s injuries started to add up, resulting in his production dropping. It dropped to the point that he didn’t play in the 2023 season. The Browns traded for WR Amari Cooper that off-season and it was the right football decision at the time and a football decision two years ago is completely irrelevant today.

Also, the Browns hired former Tennessee Titans Head Coach and Akron Ohio native Mike Vrabel as a consultant. The conspiracy theory of his hiring is ridiculous. Fans think that his hiring was to take over for Kevin Stefanski. This is based on zero facts. Mike Vrabel was hired to help the Browns get better, specifically to help new assistant coaches adjust from the NCAA to the NFL. Kevin Stefanski won his second NFL Coach of the Year award and led the Browns to the playoffs last season. He has no reason to be in the hot seat or feel threatened. The bottom line is that Vrabel was an excellent hire and get for the Cleveland Browns.

The offseason hasn’t even been a full seven days. And yet it feels like a month because news is breaking constantly. A player complaining about being cut two years ago and a made-up conspiracy theory is a waste of time and noise. While internet trolls and twits get their clicks, the Cleveland Browns and Andrew Berry will continue to improve this roster. There is no time wasted focusing on noise or getting rest.

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