No Pain! Baker Mayfield’s Successful Surgery and What it Means:

I am someone that knows a thing or two…or 10.

About shoulders and the problems they cause. Yeah, my shoulder(s) have popped out close to 10 times over the past couple of years and it has not been fun. Now, it’s certainly different than Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield and his crisis. Here’s an update from the Browns PR Team:

What is to be determined is how Baker will respond after successful surgery and recovery heading into next year. It was clear that the quarterback struggled throughout last season. If it was solely because of the torn labrum on the non-throwing shoulder then next season will have a quarterback that plays amazing football for the Browns.

However, there are no guarantees.

First of all, Baker needs to recover 100% from the surgery itself. The good news is the doctors say it was successful, but what are they going to say that it was “terrible.” The recovery time is 4-6 months with light throwing beginning in April.

Once Baker gets back to his original self, we will have to see if he is able to play his best football. After all, there were plenty of reads and errors made that had nothing to do with his shoulder, but simply just mistakes made.

I am happy for Baker that he got the surgery done and is ready to move on with the process and begin the recovery towards next season with a healthy body. He even told the surgeon, “Leave the chip on my shoulder.” 

From my aforementioned personal experience, something to keep an eye out for is any type of re-injury. Baker will have to be extra careful with his shoulder/arm throughout training and beyond. That’s true for any player in the league, but especially for someone who has sustained such a gruesome injury. The hope is that Mayfield remains healthy for the future!

The Browns Front Office will have to assess how Mayfield plays throughout this final upcoming 5th-year option of his contract. That will determine what the team does with any type of extension moving forward.

Is Baker Mayfield, “The Guy?”

Well, the first step to finding that out is he got the surgery. Next, Mayfield will have to prove it on the field and there won’t be the injury excuses everyone used this season for the mistakes made.

Now, will I stop popping out my own shoulder?

Well, that remains to be seen. Luckily, I don’t have the responsibility of playing quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

Just writing about them!


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