March 4, 2024

Three-Guys to Buy Low On
I will try and keep these short and to the point; being that it is such a small sample size.


Listen, I have Zeke, and no one is more frustrated with his opening performance than me. However, with the Bucs coming fresh off their Super-Bowl, and the Cowboys ready to show off just how healthy Dak’s arm is, we expected that this was probably going to be a shootout. Dak threw the ball 58 times, and Zeke came out of the game with just 11 carries. Pro-Bowl guard Zach Martin was also held out of this game, which with going against one of the best D-Lines in football, we can see why the Cowboys were not looking to run. Zeke is down weight, and coaches say he has looked as explosive as he did in his rookie year, so buy low while you can on Zeke.


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