September 18, 2021

Nick Chubb’s Best Moments As a Cleveland Brown

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Moment #4 The 2021 Washington game and Chubb’s two-step dance move to the end zone

I always enjoyed listening to former NFL player and Massillon Tiger great Chris Spielman call an NFL game on TV. Spielman called the Browns and Washington Football Team’s game early on this past season. After Nick Chubb had a run early in the game, where he missed seeing the gap in the defense, Spielman suggested that Chubb would see that play again and take it to the house for a score. And Spielman was right, as later in the game, Chubb got the same play, found the gap, danced around a few defenders on his way to the touchdown. Chubb’s ability to read and instinctively have a tremendous feel for the game is what separates him from other running backs!


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