Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

Nick Chubb Has an Alter Ego

For a moment, this article is going to take a bit of a detour from the stat-heavy review of a Sunday game or how Baker ripped apart the opposing secondary once again. This is about how Nick Chubb sometimes appears to exhibit superhuman abilities on the field. His bio says he’s from Cedartown, Georgia, but I could’ve sworn I originally saw him on the pages of an X-Men comic book. The running back barely saw any action while Carlos Hyde was here, but since dealing Hyde to Jacksonville, Chubb has been a man on a mission.

After the recent victory in Denver, Chubb has amassed 860 NFL rushing yards with eight rushing touchdowns to date. As my good friend and Georgia Bulldog fan Antron recently told me, “He (Chubb) doesn’t have a lot of shake-n-bake. He’s more of a straight-on runner.” This is without a doubt 100% true. Chubb is no reincarnation of Walter Payton. There’s no diving over piles or sidestep fake-outs on his drives. This man runs in a straight line and likes to drag people with him. Whereas an average back would get one yard on a stuffed run, Chubb will turn it into three or four on sheer force and determination.

So, where does the curious heading of this article come into play? I am convinced Nick Chubb is a real-life version of Marvel’s Juggernaut. The supervillain and nemesis of the X-Men has the uncanny ability to take momentum to a whole new level. Once the Juggernaut starts running, it nearly takes an act of God to stop him. He effectively plows through his enemies with a brutal, destructive force, leaving a trail of broken bodies in his wake.

Sound familiar?

Cain Marko may be the Juggernaut, but the Browns’ #24 is the Chubbernaut.

Will this ‘bulldog’ of a runner reach 1,000 yards rushing before the 2018 season comes to a close?  It’s highly possible.  Not only would he accomplish amassing four figures worth of yards on the ground, but he’d be the first Cleveland Browns running back to do it since 2010 and the 10th Browns player overall to achieve the mark. Let’s hope the Chubbernaut keeps the momentum going.

Image: NFL Network

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