February 27, 2024

NFL Rivalries: Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers 


 We are still a fair way away from the regular season kicking back into gear, but that does not mean we shouldn’t be getting excited about the NFL starting back up in full swing. This means if you are a fan of the Browns you should be thinking about Cleveland Browns odds and what they will look like for the next season.  

 It also means you should be thinking about the rivalries that rule the league. Every team has at least one rivalry, with some being a bit rougher and tumble than others, but everyone has a rival.  

 For the Browns, we have to note the tension they have with the Steelers. Sure, neither team has performed well in excess lately, but both have the potential to up their game in the years to come.  

 Let’s take a look at their rivalry today! 

 Biggest Rivals Of The Browns 

 The Cleveland Browns have a few primary rivalries, although, like every franchise in the NFL, their biggest rivals are those in their division. In the AFC North, they rival the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, and the Baltimore Ravens.  

 The Browns also have plenty of notable rivalries on a historic level with the 49ers, Titans, and Broncos. However, the rivalries in their division are the most potent, simply because they play against each other regularly. 

 Biggest Rivals Of The Steelers 

 What about the Steelers? Well, even though their most recent performances have not been incredible, they are still one of the more distinguished franchises in the league. This means they do have quite a few known rivalries going on.  

 Just like the Browns, their biggest rivalries are those within their division, AFC North, including the Browns, Ravens, and Bengals.  

 That being said, they also have some notable rivalries on a historic level with the Dallas Cowboys, Tennessee Titans, Las Vegas Raiders, New England Patriots, and the Denver Broncos.  

 Also, let us not forget that the Steelers share Pennsylvania with the Philadelphia Eagles as well, so there is a rivalry there, simply due to the geography. 

 Recent Game Results Between Steelers & Browns 

 As of 2023, the Steelers do have the all-time edge on the Browns. The two teams have also faced off against one another 3 times in the post-season overall, Pittsburgh won the first 2 matchups, but Cleveland won a game in 2021, 48-37.  

 Although Cleveland has 9 division championships, their most recent was in 1989, but Pittsburgh has won 15 division titles since 1989, and 23 all-time! So, it is safe to say which is the better team, but let’s have a proper look at their recent results in head-to-head games.  

Date  Home Team  Away Team  Winner  Score 
10/28/2018  Steelers  Browns  Pittsburgh Steelers  33-18 
11/14/2019  Browns  Steelers  Cleveland Browns  21-7 
12/01/2019  Steelers  Browns  Pittsburgh Steelers  20-13 
10/18/2020  Steelers  Browns  Pittsburgh Steelers  38-7 
01/03/2021  Browns  Steelers  Cleveland Browns  24-22 
01/10/2021  Steelers  Browns  Cleveland Browns  48-37 
10/31/2021  Browns  Steelers  Pittsburgh Steelers  15-10 
01/03/2022  Steelers  Browns  Pittsburgh Steelers  26-14 
09/22/2022  Browns  Steelers  Cleveland Browns  29-17 
01/08/2023  Steeler  Browns  Pittsburgh Steelers  28-14 

 History Seems to Favor The Steelers  

 The Browns and Steelers rivalry goes back to 1950, however, it would seem that history favors the Steelers. We don’t just mean in terms of FanDuel NFL rumors, but they have squared off at an incredible 139 meetings over their longevity.  

 The Steelers have led the series overall, in the regular season and the postseason. However, the Browns did dominate until the merger in 1970, but after that, the Steelers had the reins! 


 The Steelers dominated very heavily through this decade, they beat the Browns at an 18-3 record. The Steelers also took over the lead in this series overall, as well. They won 2 Super Bowls during this era, and completely wiped the floor with Cleveland in both these seasons. 


 The Steelers did well in this era too, they dominated the Browns 16-3-1 in this period.  

 Although in 2018, the Browns and Steelers did tie for 21-21, which was the first time in their history that this happened.  

 This period also closed out with the most infamous matchup between both teams when the quarterback for the Steelers and the defensive lineman for the Browns got into a brawl, which led to the lineman hitting the quarterback over the head with his helmet!  


 Sadly for the Steelers at the moment, their luck this decade seems to have dissipated. They have not kicked off so well. The Browns and Steelers have almost split the winnings so far. With Pittsburgh having won 4 games thus far, and the Browns having won 3.  

 Time will tell whether this decade sees the Browns finally make a comeback  


 The Browns and Steelers both have a lot of playing potential, and they’ve each had their moment of glory since their inception. However, as far as rivalries go, this is certainly one to keep an eye on as you watch the next season kick-off!  

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