NFL Profiles: Tennessee Titans

Who Are The Tennessee Titans? 

It is no secret that the Super Bowl is fast approaching, and do we yet know who will be taking part in it? Not quite. We can wager good guesses based on what we already know. 

We have already seen the Wildcard rounds, and the divisional rounds are fast approaching. In fact, the first divisional game to be played will be the Titans Vs the Bengals on Sunday 22nd January. 

But, do we know what to expect? Will they make it to the conference round? We cannot guess yet, but you can wager a good guess when you check out Fanduel’s Super Bowl odds

Let’s leave the stats ‘til later though, and take some time to focus on who the team are, where they came from, and what their past may have to say about their future. We will discuss their current season play later on. 

Since we know they made it to the playoffs, we can tell you a little more. They are in the AFC conference, and in the AFC South division. The team was founded in 1959, and before the merger they were a member of the AFL. 

What is their track record like? Well, they have two league championships, both of which were before the AFL-NFL merger, in 1960, and 1961. They have also had one conference championship in the AFC in 1999. 

They have managed to score 11 division championships. In the AFL they won four, in the AFC Central they won three in 1991, 1993, and 2000. Then in the AFC South, their current division, they have won four, including 2002, 2008, 2020, and 2021! So, it is no surprise to be seeing them this year as the first divisional team in the playoffs. 

The History Behind The Tennessee Titans.

The Titans had a much better past than present, their only League Championships being before the merger, and not seeing a whole load of Conference Championships either. That is not to say they aren’t good though. 

In fact, even in present time, you could say that the Titans are the best franchise in the AFC South, however, once they go beyond their division, the competition is just too strong, and they fall a brick short of a wall. 

They have a rich history which dates back quite some years, but we want to think about their more recent history. Really since the turn of the century. 

In 1999, their last really hot-win season, they won 13 games. Their quarterback- Steve McNair and their running back Eddie George, ended their games memorably, and they did exceptionally well. 

In fact in their playoff game, they were just behind the Buffalo Bills by one point with 16 seconds left on the clock. They fielded a kickoff, and Frank Wycheck threw across the field to Kevin Dyson who scored the game winning touchdown! This play was outstanding, and none will soon forget it. 

They ended up in their first Super Bowl that year, and in that game they were also just points behind their opponents. The game ended memorably, with their receiver being tackled at the 1-year line in an attempt to score a last minute touchdown. 

They continued to return to the postseason for many seasons after that, but never seems to get much further. Then they lost a few seasons, but by 2007 they were known as one of the best teams in the AFC. 

With an ego from this statement they won 13 games again in ‘08, but they were upset by the Ravens in the playoffs. They didn’t make it back, and continually they seemed to stay in this area, being great, but never breaching the barrier beyond the playoffs. 

How Are The Tennessee Titans Doing in 2021-2022 Season? 

When we look at the win-loss rate so far this season, we can note that the Titans are in the top 5 teams. With a win-loss rate of 12-5, they have done very well, a 70% success rate. 

They have made it to the divisional, due to play against the Bengals on the 22nd January, a game well worth watching. The Bengals have not done better than the Titans this season, with an 11-7 win-loss rate. However, it could be close. 

If they manage to make it through the Divisionals, might we see them at the Super Bowl? We do not know if they do make it to the Conference games then we might end up seeing them play off against the Kansas City Chiefs, who have done notoriously well this year. 

What do you think?

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