December 9, 2023

NFL Must BAN 10 Women Represented From Watson’s First Game

Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has served his time and will be starting Sunday on the road for the Browns against the Houston Texans after an 11-game suspension.

It was just set to be simply Watson’s first start with the Browns until this news broke:, pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

The above news broke about a plan by attorney Tony Buzbee to make a huge show of the game.

Look, we are all sick and tired of the Watson Talk (sorry, but this article is necessary). However, this lawyer is making a huge show of Watson’s first game back on the field.

These women have no reason to be in a suite at the Browns game Sunday. The NFL needs to make it clear that it will not tolerate this type of fiasco for the first game back.

Watson has been permitted to participate in all team activities since November 14. Why weren’t these women at practices here in Cleveland? Well, because that sounds silly just like this game, too.

My biggest fear is that there will be more than just 10 women and a lawyer sitting in a suite. Rather some type of signs or displays that draw attention during the game as well.

Now, this isn’t me posting this for fear that the Browns could lose the game to the Texans because of this news.

Let’s be real.

Houston is 1-9-1 and the Browns have a very slim chance to make the playoffs at 4-7 themselves but should win this one.

These women are being rewarded by getting the chance to watch the very man that allegedly caused them terrible problems. I could understand if they got the chance to go to the Pro Bowl or something like that sans Watson. Somewhere in a different capacity…

When CBS flashes the cameras on these women and the announcers give a diatribe about everything Watson, it’s just going to draw a ton of attention to a story that needs to be moved on from by everyone.

He did it!  He served his suspension. I’m proud of him for behaving throughout it and following all of the guidelines.

In summation, the NFL should ban these women and the attorney from attending this game. The league can give them some sort of gift if deemed necessary.

Frankly, I hope Watson drops 300 yards passing and three touchdowns in a Browns win. Not just as a fan of the team, but because of this absolutely disgusting display by Attorney Buzbee.

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