Coming off a tough Monday Night loss in Pittsburgh, the Cleveland Browns took on the Tennessee Titans looking to rebound with a win. Worse for the Browns than the loss of the game last week, they lost star running back Nick Chubb for the season. Second-year running back Jerome Ford got the start against the Titans. And to help fill the void of losing Nick Chubb, the Browns signed their former running back, Kareem Hunt. Despite quarterback Deshaun Watson’s early struggles, after two games the Cleveland Browns went into the game with the 6th ranked offense in the NFL. And the Browns defense is ranked second behind the Dallas Cowboys.

Tennessee has the 21st-ranked offense and the 20th-ranked defense. These stats are according to It appears on paper that the Browns are the better team. That doesn’t always mean a win for the better team on the field. The Browns were certain that head coach Mike Vrabel had his team ready to play.

There is a sense of doom and gloom among some Browns fans after the loss to the Steelers. Let’s take a deep dive into that game as we get into the game with the Titans.

The Browns offense scored 22 points and had 408 yards of total offense while possessing the ball for 35:28. The Browns had 20 first downs while the Steelers had nine. Before Nick Chubb got hurt in the first quarter, he was on pace for 240 rushing yards. Three big plays accounted for 20 Steelers points. Two turnovers that led to two defensive touchdowns and the 71-yard Pickett to Pickens pass TD after a Browns’ defensive miscommunication. The Steelers offense mustered 12 points and 255 yards. If it wasn’t for the Browns’ defensive breakdown for one play, the Steelers would have had less than 200 yards of offense and six points. The turnovers along with drive-killing offensive penalties are what doomed the Browns chances against the Steelers.

Keep in mind that this was in Pittsburgh and it was never an easy place to play. This was a game that the Browns statistically dominated and lost by only four points. But two important stats they lost. The final score and points off turnovers. My point is that these are issues that can be corrected and it is still early in the season. Normally after 6 games, you get an idea of what kind of team you have. And today was just the third game.

Deshaun Watson and the Browns needed to show up for this game and they did. The Cleveland Browns dominated the Tennessee Titans 27-3. Deshaun Watson had his best performance as the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback. He had 27 pass completions on 33 attempts. Two touchdowns and zero interceptions for 289 yards. Watson’s quarterback rating for the game was 123.4. His only bad play was an ill-advised backward pass in the first half to avoid a sack. Otherwise, he played fantastic against the Titans. Let us not forget the Browns Defense, they were lights out against the Titans Offense giving up only six first downs, 94 total yards and three points. This defense in the first three games this season has only given up one touchdown. That is elite-level defensive play.

Next up on October 1st the Browns host division the rival Baltimore Ravens. Both teams are 2-1 and this game could be for first place in the AFC North. Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has given past Browns defenses a hard time. With the way the 2023 Browns defense has been playing, maybe next week will be hard times for Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense.

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