Hello ladies and gentlemen! This has been a rough stretch for our beloved Cavaliers. Yes we snuck a game in on a back-to-back vs the Knicks, but that doesn’t cover our deficiencies on defense at all! Yes, our offense is going to be better now that Garland and Allen are back in the fold, which is great because we have a red-hot Golden State team coming off major wins with the splash bros hitting basically game-winners!

Mitchell is going to get his shots up and his points regardless. That guy basically putting up Hall of Fame numbers through these first seven games. 32/5/5 on 53% shooting? You can’t get better than that at this point.

Last night’s game was a prime example of how the defense will be an issue probably for the foreseeable future. Yes, Allen and Mobley are amazing rim protectors but I just need the motor to run for 48 min and not three-quarters. Again, it’s only the start of the season so I don’t place too much on our team. We are still figuring things out and with Curry and the guys on the way, Life won’t be any easier.

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