New Segment: The Not Cleveland Sports Beat – Let’s Talk Rocky

This is a segment I am creating to add a new flavor and a bit more content to the Cleveland Sports Talk website with our new site launching on Thursday night at 8 p.m. It is going to be about other things, not political but more so pop culture and such…

With that said, let’s talk about Rocky. (Spoiler alerts coming)

This is far and away my favorite movie series and I love to analyze it.

My favorite character in Rocky is Apollo Creed who is killed by Ivan Drago in Rocky IV after challenging him to a fight and coming out of retirement to do so. The “If he dies, he dies” line is one that everyone knows…

I felt like this was a bit of a stretch and it went from a “rags to riches tough guy” movie series to more superhero-like. I mean, just look at Ivan Drago played by Dolph Lundgren. He is the epitome of a perfect human.

Did you know that originally Sylvester Stallone felt that Dolph was too big to play the part of Drago? That makes sense and it leads to where I am going with this post.

Killing off Apollo Creed was a mistake. Yes, it gave Rocky a reason to fight Drago in Russia and ultimately win after the classic “he’s cut” scene that should make every American fill up with pride.

What I would’ve done is have Drago beat the daylights out of Apollo. I mean, like really injure him…but not kill him. This way, he could have been in Rocky V, which was a total disaster, in Rocky Balboa as a supporting role and in the Creed movies as well.

Additionally, Rocky still could have challenged Drago to avenge his friend losing instead of dying…

On a different note, the fact that Apollo Creed cheated on his wife to create Adonis Creed never sat well with me. I felt Apollo was such a man of profound character that he would be a loyal husband. But, I get they needed a storyline and that was the only way to provide it.

It’s crazy to think that if Apollo Creed just turned the page in the book of fighters and the term “Italian Stallion” didn’t resonate with him, none of the Rocky series would have happened.

In summation, Sly, you shouldn’t have killed off Apollo because he was the best character in the entire series. The way he spoke, his charisma and fighting ability was always fun to watch.

Did you know that Carl Weathers, who played Apollo, actually played in the NFL in real life? Eight games total with the Raiders in 1970-71. That’s awesome.

Regardless, Rocky is still amazing and I will always love it.

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