There is breaking news from the Wall Street Journal that the NFL will seek an indefinite suspension lasting at least one year of Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. This is following the news that Watson’s hearing with the NFL’s disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson is set to begin Tuesday.

Now, I recently wrote an article essentially claiming the likelihood that the NFLPA has some dirt on the NFL, so to speak. You can read that article by CLICKING HERE.

Before that, the thought did cross my mind of the idea of an “indefinite suspension.” However, this changed when reports were the NFPA had such a strong case against the NFL.

This never-ending-saga will continue until a decision is made. Even then, everyone will have an opinion on if the punishment was fair or enough by the league when it is all set and done.

Watson is great for the NFL in terms of his ability to perform on the field. He obviously makes the league a lot of money simply by his talent alone. What the league is taking into consideration is if he is worth the price of admission. Meaning that is keeping Watson in any NFL uniform better than an indefinite suspension.

Moreover, the NFLPA appears to have plenty of arguments to help Watson’s case and that is something the league may fear publicity-wise.

As news continues to break with Watson, it will be interesting to see who truly ends up on top…

Does Watson get the better deal with a suspension because his people have said arguments against the NFL?

Does the NFL actually end up laying down a huge suspension of a year or more than that anyway?

Taking a look back at this article say two years from now and the outcome of this will be looked upon with an idea of how it affected the NFL. Meaning was the right decision made by the league in order to maintain the reputation it wanted or was it ultimately frowned upon by fans and media alike?

As Browns fans from purely a football standpoint of course the league allowing Watson to play would be huge for the team moving forward this season and beyond. That is obvious with his talent at the quarterback position.

Time will tell but people can’t get pissed (or happy) until a decision is finally made…and it feels like it’s been forever and then some…




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