February 27, 2024

As all Browns fans rehash the career of traded quarterback Baker Mayfield, an NFL insider dropped a series of bombshell tweets about the Deshaun Watson case. On Thursday, Josina Anderson (@JosinaAnderson) posted a thread of tweets that of the cases the NFL investigated, one plaintiff may have lied. The reporting implies the plaintiff changed her story after discovering other plaintiffs were seeking financial settlements. To review, the NFL investigated 12 of the 24 cases and presented five cases to prove Watson violated the Personal Conduct Policy. The case Josina Anderson is referencing was not one of the five cases. Here are her tweets.

“I’m told there’s a recording of an interview with the adult son of 1 of 12 women the NFL interviewed in the Deshaun Watson case —stating his mom initially was complimentary of Watson in their conversations after the massage, but later switched her account and tone after 1/4”

“[Cont.] negative allegations surfaced about Watson. The son intimated his mother intended to reward his silence, per league source. There’s a feeling that the NFL was initially cagey about details they learned from the woman’s son—after only mentioning they interviewed him 2/4”

[Cont.] in their report. The son’s recording was later reviewed by Watson’s side revealing the aforementioned details —presumably illuminating why this particular accuser was not included with the 5 women the NFL ultimately focused on at the hearing. 3/4

[Cont.] I was also told the NFL presented no evidence of violence, force, threat or coercion in the allegations of the 5 women they focused on at the hearing before Sue Robinson, as first reported by @ProFootballTalk in part. 4/4

This case is only one of 24 and does not prove any of the many other cases were filed under false pretenses. If Josina Anderson’s sources are true and I have no reason to doubt her sources, then it shows the NFL’s case is weak. Prior to this reporting, the league leaked they would agree to a settlement of twelve games instead of a year, which tells me they are in full damage control. As I stated in my article last week, https://clesportstalk.com/my-thoughts-on-the-watson-case/ the NFLPA and Watson will not settle. The more reports I hear from this hearing, the more I’m convinced Watson will not be found in violation of the Personal Conduct Policy and serve no suspension.

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