February 25, 2024

Now that several days have passed since the Indians announced they will be considering changing their name, many intriguing and catchy replacements have been emerging. However, here are some suggestions that, alas, will be going straight to the bottom of the trash barrel.


Cleveland Drones

Digging this memory up from a few years back, a drone was one of the key storylines for the Tribe in the 2016 World Series. When did Trevor Bauer decide it would be a good idea to play with a drone during an off day in the postseason?  And why didn’t the front office think to put a clause in his contract prohibiting drone play?  For some players, it’s motorcycles and skydiving in their free time. For others, apparently, it’s drones.  In team lore, the Boston Red Sox have Curt Schilling and the bloody sock in 2004.  Schilling was brilliant in the postseason pitching on a torn ankle tendon.  In Tribe lore there is Trevor Bauer and his bloody finger in 2016. Bauer wasn’t brilliant pitching with a damaged digit.  After fileting his finger, Bauer lasted one inning in Game Three of the ALCS, and lost both World Series starts.  The event was so memorable – in some places, anyway – that the Reno Aces, Bauer’s old minor league team, held a bobblehead night to remember the event. Even if the organization doesn’t choose this name, which seems likely, Trevor Bauer and his drone have earned a spot in Cleveland Sports history.


Cleveland Midges

Remember Game Two of the 2007 ALDS against the Yankees?  Midges were those annoying little bugs that the players kept swatting away.  The good news is that they harassed both teams equally, and the Tribe ended up winning the series.  This occurred against the Yankees no less – and any win over New York is a good win.  So all’s well that ends well.  But who really needs to be reminded of that embarrassing moment in Cleveland baseball history?  And where have those midges gone since then, anyway?


Cleveland Steamers

On the one hand, the Steamers would be a great way to recall the city’s glorious industrial past. A Steamer, of course, is a ship or locomotive powered by a steam engine  That development helped to usher in the Industrial Revolution during which time the city of Cleveland prospered unlike any other era.  On the other hand, the opportunity for bad puns, cartoons and headlines this name would inspire makes this a no-go.  Don’t get this started.


Cleveland Swishers

Named for a good clubhouse guy and fan favorite no doubt, but one of the worst contracts in franchise history.  See also “Hafner, Travis”.  Four years, $56 million for a .228 average, 32 homers, 113 RBI, and a 1.7 WAR in 272 games.  Oh yeah – one more small detail:  For the Tribe’s signing of Swisher, the hated Yankees got a compensation draft pick.  That turned into some random player named Aaron Judge.  But never mind that.


Cleveland Baseball Club

Sure it’s generic, and there’s nothing special about the name.  But so is the city of Cleveland, it’s detractors would argue. So instead of lying to the world about how cool the city is, isn’t it better to be brutally honest?  The logo can just become a standard-issue block “C” to cut costs. After all, the Dolans have told the world they are determined to spare expenses.  And keeping the cynic’s hat on, would it even be the worst team name in the city?  Heck, the football team is named for a guy who got fired way back in 1963, and their logo is a plain orange football helmet.  Bring back the Brownie, by the way.


Cleveland Mesas

1997 World Series Game Seven.  Need anything more be said?



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