New House? DeShaun Watson Thinks He Owns Solon and Surrounding Area – FALSE


Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShaun Watson recently purchased a house near Solon, Ohio, for 5.4 million dollars in Hunting Valley. It’s literally right up SOM Center Road. That does make sense as Watson is now a member of the Browns for the next five years at least and will need a place to stay at night to rest up for the big games!

What needs to be made clear to DeShaun is he does not own the Solon area. Simply put, I lived in Solon for 18 years and went to Solon High School from 2011-2015. All of the girls were begging me for autographs in the hallways. The guys wanted to hang out and watch football. I was literally a living legend in those parts.

Being Mr. Cool was tough and not being able to walk into any place in Solon or the surrounding area without people rushing my way wasn’t easy.

Yeah, that is a complete joke and I was actually just in the marching band as a clarinet player and in the “Sports Reporters Group” on the side (Shouts to Conference Room Two).

AKA I was a nerd.

Actually, though, it’s pretty cool that DeShaun now lives in the area where I grew up and truly became a Browns fan, despite all of the losing over the years. Oh, and there was plenty of it.

I think we all can agree that DeShaun needs to lay off the funny business in this new home, old home or really anywhere he resides. After all, once this suspension is over we want him to play and continue as a member of the Browns for many years to come. Not to be stuck at said home watching the games.

In all seriousness, my childhood in the city of Solon and the Cleveland area was great. I met so many wonderful people and still have those that I call friends to this day.

DeShaun, let’s make a deal.

If you win the Browns a Super Bowl, I will pass over my “Mr. Cool” title to you for Solon, Ohio and the area. You’ve certainly got a lot of work to do especially with the way the team has played in recent weeks…

However, I do think you have the talent and ability to do it. Maybe with a few more pieces added to better this team. Also, a couple of coaching changes! 

Enjoy your newly purchased home. I hope you have many great memories there in the coming years. It truly is a beauty and looks like a very special place to be in for a long time.

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