New Cleveland Sports Talk Twitter – Throwback!

Yes, it’s true!

Cleveland Sports Talk is creating a new Twitter, @CstThrowback . Every person, to some degree, lives in the past. It’s human nature to think and reflect on various events, relationships, and, of course, sporting events/players that happened. With a tool such as Facebook that gathers events that occurred “on this day,” it’s even easier…

Anyway, the purpose of this new Twitter is to bring the Cleveland sporting events of the past back to the present. Now, these are going to be a majority of positive events and not a dwell-fest on the negatives that occurred. It’s set to be a fun Twitter for a Cleveland fan to enjoy and see pictures, videos and more on the feed. It’s going to be run by CST Writer Natalie Turk!

As time goes on, it’s important to appreciate the events of the past while looking towards a better future. Our Browns are set to be a Super Bowl contender this upcoming season and that’s something to certainly be excited about. However, we all still can enjoy the memories made over the years.

So please follow today by clicking on this link here: @CstThrowback

Thank you and I hope you enjoy it!

-Zach Shafron, Founder & CEO of Cleveland Sports Talk

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