New Cavs PG Collin Sexton Will Wear Number 2

After being selected 8th overall in the draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers, Collin Sexton announced he would be wearing the number two jersey when he suits up for the Cavs next season. Since Kyrie Irving wore that number for the Cavs, this decision came at the bewilderment of some Cavs fans and members of the Cleveland media. The main reason behind their outrage being that they believe this number should be retired.

Personally, I don’t see any issues with Sexton donning the number two jersey. Cavs selected Sexton to officially move on from Kyrie Irving and be their point guard of the future. If that’s the number Sexton wants to wear, so be it. It’s not retired at the moment, so there’s no reason to stop anyone from wearing it.

While I still feel atomicity towards Kyrie for demanding the trade last summer, that doesn’t mean I feel like the Cavs shouldn’t hang his number in the rafters at some point. This just isn’t the time to do it. When Kyrie finally retires from whichever team he’s bounced around to after he gets sick of Boston, which is inevitable, then the Cavs can retire it. That’ll be the perfect time to do it. That’s when all of us who are still bitter can officially forgive him and recognize his accomplishments here.

I love the decision by Sexton to keep his number though. Besides the fact it’s the number he wore in college, it shows to me he’s embracing the challenge of replacing Kyrie Irving. Whether Sexton wants it to or not, he will forever be linked to Kyrie because his trade is what landed the 8th pick in the draft. He’s not going to shy away by switching his number. He’s attacking that challenge the same way he does everything on the court, head on.

From the reports after the draft, Sexton’s killer mentality is the biggest reason why the Cavs liked him. There are plenty of areas in his game you can dissect and critique, but his intensity and desire to win isn’t one of them. The decision to wear number two in Cleveland is just another prime example of how he will never back down to anyone.

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