The Cleveland Cavaliers have sparked interest in NBA analyst, Mark Jackson. No formal interview has been scheduled, but there was a telephone discussion between Jackson and Cavs GM David Griffin. Hopefully, Cleveland adds a high profile candidate to the long list of interviewees.

In the hope that Jackson wants to return to coaching immediately, the Cavaliers hope to intrigue the former coach. The ex-Golden State Warriors coach, was surprisingly fired after managing a 51 victory season this past campaign. Jackson instructed the Warriors to consecutive playoff appearances, a feat not accomplished by the franchise for 22 years.

Regardless of a mediocre rookie coaching season (23-43), Jackson quickly turned the team around during his sophomore year, earning 47 wins and a post-season appearance. The former player now transformed coach, gained the trust and respect from his team. In his brief, three year coaching stint, Jackson impressed the nation as he showcased his knowledge.

For instance, Jackson rejuvenated a franchise within a single season, despite the lack of experience. He paved the way for this new trend of former player coaches due to his instant success. Jackson developed his young talent, helping Klay Thompson mold into a breakout player. He also unleashed Stephen Curry’s talent, netting 533 three pointers within the past two years.

In the end, we can only hope that the Cleveland Cavaliers hook an interview with Mark Jackson. A coach of his stature can relate to our young roster while developing their offensive potential. Cleveland should be serious about bringing in Jackson.

-Max Gold

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