March 3, 2024

The Browns signed safety Juan Thornhill to a 3-year, $21 million dollar contract back in the middle of March. The 27-year-old out of Virginia played his first four seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs.

In 52 starts (65 total games), Thornhill had 234 combined tackles, 20 pass deflections and eight interceptions for a single touchdown. This is a nice addition for a Browns secondary that can certainly use the help this upcoming season and beyond.

The new Dawg is very much impressed with Cleveland…

“It has impressed me. The facilities are truly amazing here,” Thornhill said in March. “I got here last night actually and the first thing I looked at was downtown and it shocked me. It was really beautiful and I wasn’t expecting that. So I’m excited to get here and actually be able to work my way around and see what everything’s like.” – Via News 5

Now, what’s extremely bold has nothing really to do with football. It’s more about a personal decision made by the defensive back. That is in Thornhill getting a “Brownie Elf” tattoo on his left arm – photo above.

Yes, I would understand this choice if say Thornhill made the game-winning interception in the Super Bowl for the Browns and is going to be celebrated for the rest of time. However, this young man really hasn’t proven anything in a Browns uniform.

A tattoo is permanent, as we all know…

The amount of Browns signings that have ended up being busts for the franchise in the coming years is endless.

Of course, we are hoping that Thornhill turns out to be a great signing and will be cherished in Cleveland for many years to come. Certainly, it is great how “all in” he is already. However, we will have to wait and see how everything goes.

Simply put, I just fear he’ll have to live with that ink for the rest of his life and it may not be a happy ending.

Welcome to Cleveland, Juan. Best of luck and hopefully you “tattoo” some receivers. Haha, get it?


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