Never Thought We’d Want LeBron on Another Team

After four-straight runs to the finals and that glorious championship in 2016, LeBron James left Cleveland…again. This time, it was for the Los Angeles Lakers to take place of the then-retired Kobe Bryant as the leader of that historic franchise.

LeBron also left Cleveland in 2010 for the Miami Heat before coming back in 2014.

Both times, I hated LeBron for leaving. The second time, it wasn’t so intense cause he did win this franchise a championship in ’16. I feel that is the general consensus for Cavs fans.

It’s a strange feeling after the passing of the aforementioned Kobe Bryant and his daughter + seven others in that horrific helicopter crash this past weekend. However, I am actually happy LeBron is in Los Angeles now. I want the Lakers to win the NBA Finals this year to honor Kobe, especially because this season’s Cavs team is complete trash and has no chance of winning for Cleveland.

Don’t get me started on the Cavs…

A Lakers Title and it would cement LeBron as GOAT by bringing a championship to three different franchises and winning for Los Angeles would be such a great honor from one legend to another that is no longer with us.

Honestly, seeing LeBron so moved by a tribute to another person was incredible to watch. We think of these superstars as invincible. In reality, Kobe’s death is an awful reminder that we are all human.

Seeing LeBron weeping shows that emotions do seep to the forefront when tragedy, like Kobe’s passing, strike.

Now, I’m not going to call myself a Lakers fan or anything of that nature. It just feels like the movie script ending for that franchise to win the championship this year. A higher purpose for King James…

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