Cleveland: The Negatives Bronny James Would’ve Brought


I wanted him. I’ll admit it.

When the Los Angeles Lakers drafted Bronny James at pick 55 in the second round, I was certainly disappointed. I would’ve even been fine with the Cavs taking him at 20 in the first round instead of Jaylon Tyson whom I actually think is a great pick and am excited to see how he blossoms in Cleveland.

(Cavs did not have a second-round pick but could’ve traded in)

Now, I am not a father. At least, not that I know of (sorry, I had to make that joke). But this is what I was thinking about.

The whole idea of drafting Bronny James in Cleveland was that it would put the ball in his father’s court to come back to the Cavs for the remainder of his career. LeBron has expressed that he wanted to play with his son and now he gets that chance in Los Angeles.

Let’s be honest.

Everyone knows Bronny would be working that 9-5 day job selling insurance if his last name wasn’t James. In college, he was not very good. At Cali, he averaged per game…4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 2.1 assists. a game, With those numbers, the only reason he was picked by the Lakers was cause of Daddy.

Let’s take a look at everything that could’ve gone wrong with a Cleveland pick of Bronny.

– First, the team is banking on the fact that Dad would come back to Cleveland and play. There would be that chance he never returned and we’d be stuck with a mediocre selection.

-Had the Cavs picked Bronny at their only selection of 20th, the team wouldn’t have been able to give a player such as Jaylon Tyson a chance and he could actually become a star or at least solid.

-Now, this is my idea that the Lakers are going to have to deal with and that’s simply LeBron is going to care more about his son playing well and not the pure idea of winning. James has proven everything and the only thing left would be making his son a success in the league.

This means changing his style of play in ways such as making the extra pass to his son or demanding new coach JJ Redick play his boy extra minutes or in this scheme etc. It’s a dynamic that has never been in the NBA and we will see it with the Lakers.

-Added Pressure. Bronny now has to prove his worth to his dad on the same team and not just any team but the Lakers. This could end in disaster for their franchise.

With all of that said, the Cavs do not have to deal with this in any aspect and that may be for the best. Certainly, I wish LeBron and Bronny the best (except against the Cavs) and hope this works out in what is quite an amazing storyline and must-watch games.

But, Cavs fans, maybe it’s for the best and if the thinking is purely basketball success it’s likely the better route the Cavs chose on draft night.

My prediction? Bronny struggles and ends up getting cut. LeBron finishes his final years in LA and that’s that.

Wild that these are the same two people we are talking about.


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