In this series, I will write a “Need To Know” article for every Cleveland Guardians playoff game telling you all there is after the game is over! The Guardians lost to the New York Yankees in Game One of The ALDS, 4-1, in New York.

The Yankees Did What The Yankees Do But Not By The Guy That Does…

Make sense? New York is known for the home run ball and it was clear that’s how they score their runs. Harrison Bader hit a solo shot in the 3rd to tie the game at one and Anthony Rizzo hit a two-run blast to give the Yankees a 4-1 lead in the 6th. That would be all the team needed. However, their main-man Aaron Judge (62 homers in the regular season) actually had three strikeouts and a walk. No long ball for him…

The Guardians Continue to Struggle Scoring Runs in the Playoffs. 

Scoring only a single run in this game, the Guardians only have four total runs in the three playoff games thus far. That’s in 33 innings of baseball total (extra inning game of 15 innings to Rays). If this team wants to make any noise, they are going to have to score some runs against these Yankees moving forward.

Eight Runners Left on Base 

The Guardians left eight runners on base including the bases loaded in the 7th. Inning ended with a double play hit by Amed Rosario.

Hit The Kwan! 

Center fielder Steven Kwan had a home run that actually gave the Guardians a 1-0 lead at the time in the 3rd  and a single in the 7th. It in a solid offensive performance unlike most of his teammates.

Star Jose Ramirez Was Solid.

Two hits including a double.

Austin Hedges is Still Awful at Hitting. 

While he may be a solid defensive catcher, he hit .163 in the regular season and it showed in the playoffs. 0/3 with a strikeout against the Yankees. Would like to see more offensive production from him in the coming games.

It’s Just One Game in a Five-Game Series.

While the Guardians did lose Game One, it’s important to remember that this is a five-game series and the team will have plenty of opportunities to redeem themselves in the upcoming games for this series. It’s not like the NFL where it’s one-and-done.

Check Your Weather App. 

Apparently, there is talk that the weather is going to be so bad in New York that scheduled Game Two on Thursday could get moved due to extreme conditions. That remains to be determined.

Well, Game One didn’t turn on how Guardians fans wanted it to, but this series is certainly far from over. Starting pitcher Shane Bieber will be on the mound for game two and that should give the team a very good chance! Go Guards!


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