Need to Know: Browns Suck in Neutral Site Versus Bills


This specific article about the Browns’ 31-23 loss to the Bills is a part of my “Need to Know” series which goes through everything you need to know for each Browns game!

They suck.

Just kidding. Well, not really but I have more…I promise! Let’s go through it all…

-The Fear of the Unknown 

The rumors began early in the week about the game being moved due to weather conditions. There were also simply ideas that the teams would battle it out in a snow fest. It was likely hard for the players (on both sides) to not know where their game was going to be played.

-The Loss of Homefield Was…an Advantage for…the Bills? 

Yes, because the Browns would’ve dominated the snowy conditions running in Buffalo with Nick Chubb/Kareem Hunt and the Bills would’ve *likely* struggled.

-Fake Final Score 

31-23, the Bills won. You may be saying to yourself that was a close battle. Eh. Buffalo was up 28-10 in the 4th quarter. The Browns got a few cheap touchdowns with the game basically out of reach. Hence the final of 31-23. The Bills still obviously won, though.

-Blocked Field Goal Hurt Browns 

In the third quarter, K Cade York’s 34-yard attempt was blocked, keeping the score at 22-10 with the Bills on top. That kick goes in and everything changes…

-Kicking, Kicking, Kicking

To go off of the blocked kick, the Bills had SIX field goals in this game. One may think that is good because the team didn’t score touchdowns. Well, that is true in some regards. However, they still scored points and it shows in the final with 31. Need to force PUNTS not field goals.

-QB Jacoby Brissett’s Amazing Stat Line Versus Game Itself 

It’s amazing that a quarterback can go 28/41 for 324 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions and still lose the game. It just goes to show how horrific the defense was in this game. Plus, those killer turnovers.

-Rushing Yards Were the Biggest Factor 

Had that snow game happened, the Browns would’ve had the running advantage with Chubb/Hunt in Buffalo. Instead, Bills Devin Singletary and James Cook each had 86 yards respectively. Browns were limited to 80 total rushing yards compared to Buffalo’s 171. That’s just unacceptable.

-Huge Turnover Changed it All 

A bad snap/fumble that led to a Browns turnover destroyed the team. This came with just under eight minutes in the second quarter. The Browns were up 10-3 and driving. This led to a Bills field goal and changed the whole dynamic of the game.

-One. More. Week.

Quarterback DeShaun Watson will return after this week’s game against the Bucs in Cleveland. FINALLY!


This Browns team just simply doesn’t have it and it’s clearly on both sides of the ball and the coaching staff too. They are now 3-7 with no chance to make the playoffs and the return of quarterback DeShaun Watson may not help. We will have to wait in see on that one. It’s such a disappointment with so much promise.

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